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2013 Offices

A peak inside BookItOut events and our four offices across the country.

2013 Offices (12 photos)

2013 On The Road

Spied! Pictures include events from coast to coast.

2013 On The Road (6 photos)

2012 Jax Int'l Car & Truck Show

BookItOut teamed up with local radio stations and dealerships at the annual Jacksonville International Car & Truck Show.

2012 Jax Int'l Car & Truck Show (4 photos)

2012 UNF Market Days

Building brand awareness amongst millennials at the University of North Florida.

2012 UNF Market Days (2 photos)

2011 Keith Urban concert

Connecting with users before a country concert.

2011 Keith Urban Concert (2 photos)

2011 Tailgaiting

Building brand awareness at tailgates throughout the south.

2011 Tailgaiting (2 photos)

2011 TV Interview

Backstage shots from interviews in Tampa.

2011 TV Interview (3 photos)

2011 IWYS Project

BookItOut was the title sponsor for a custom BMW M5 wrap with IWYS and TEKST.

2011 IWYS Project (3 photos)

2011 Digital Dealer

BookItOut ruled "The Strip" at the 2011 Digital Dealer conference at Las Vegas, Nevada.

2011 Digital Dealer (16 photos)

2010 NIADA

BookiItOut exibited at 2010 NIADA conference at Las Vegas, Nevada. Fenomenal conference, great people!

2010 NIADA (7 photos)

2010 NADA

BookiItOut exibited at 2010 NADA conference at Orlando, Florida. Customers and prospects alike, stopped by our booth to check out new features!

2010 NADA (12 photos)


Automotive Megasite BookItOut Expands Global Reach with New NYC Location in Lower Manhattan

Jonathan Hedy (, Executive Vice President
New York, New York

Automotive Megasite BookItOut Expands Global Reach with New NYC Location in Lower Manhattan

Serving automotive finance companies in six countries, BookItOut opens its newest location today in New York City. The expansion into Lower Manhattan positions BookItOut among the world's largest financial institutions as its influence grows in the automotive finance industry.

"A physical presence in the financial capital of the world immerses BookItOut in the global finance community," said Jonathan Hedy, Executive Vice President. "BookItOut Dealer Services continues to expand rapidly; the New York office complements our strategic initiatives and widespread adoption by the auto finance industry."

BookItOut Dealer Services provides auto dealers, finance companies, and insurance companies business intelligence, lead generation, and access to the largest database of used vehicle transactions aggregated directly from dealerships. "By combining the largest database of actual dealership data with the most advanced B.I. solutions and third-party integrations, BookItOut provides an entire ecosystem that harnesses dynamic information and dramatically increases profitability. Our patented methods continue to advance the auto finance community, as we bring America's largest industry to global participants," Hedy concluded.

The automotive industry accounts for 5% of United States' Gross Domestic Product, and, more specifically, the used car industry represents the largest retail segment of the U.S. economy. Auto finance companies are the lifeblood to consumers purchasing vehicles; BookItOut provides the data and tools necessary to make optimal decisions. Hedy will host several webinars this year to empower producers in the auto finance industry and showcase the latest features in BookItOut's web-based application.

The Manhattan location comes within six months of opening a San Francisco office; BookItOut maintains a 19,000-square-foot headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, and a development center in Vail, Colorado.

About BookItOut

BookItOut, Inc. is a leading information technology provider for the automotive industry, dealing exclusively with used car dealers, finance, and insurance companies. BookItOut developed a revolutionary, patent pending process that has set a new standard in vehicle valuations by analyzing data directly from dealerships nationwide. This allows BookItOut to provide a vehicle’s true-cost value drilled down to the user’s specific zip code. BookItOut vehicle values are derived not solely from auction sales but from 100% of market transaction types. BookItOut provides actual purchase, retail, and wholesale values from actual dealers, with adjustments for options, reconditioning costs, and mileage. BookItOut values update daily, and include a vehicle’s average days in inventory, average gross profit, and a vehicle history report. Users no longer have to choose between a national, regional, or state value; BookItOut values are specific to one’s zip code, and are accessible through any Internet-capable device, such as a computer or mobile phone. Whether behind a desk or in an auction lane, BookItOut helps users make informed business decisions quickly and easily. Please visit for a free trial and additional information.

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