Our Innovation

"We did not look to marginally improve auto-trading. By questioning the status quo, we recreated the car shopping experience, and redefined an industry in the process."

Jonathan Hedy, Executive Vice President


  • Jacksonville, FL (headquarters)
  • New York, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Vail, CO

By The Numbers

  • Provides solutions to dealerships & finance companies across North America
  • Clients range from single user to $1B+ publicly-traded companies
  • Patented data methods in 2005
  • Released VIN Scanner & thin-client technologies in 2005
  • Launched iPhone App in 2010
  • Launched Android App in 2011
  • Launched cloud-based Consumer services in 2011
  • Debuted as Title Sponsor and Speaker at 11th Digital Dealer Conference
  • Advertisements on Las Vegas Strip, Airport, Times Square NYC, Online & Terrestrial Radio, Cable & Broadcast Television, Simon Malls, Collegiate & Professional Football Games, Concerts, Daytona 500, College Campuses, Movie Theatres, Gas Stations, Social Media, local billboards, initiatives, partnerships and more
  • Surpassed eBay© Motors within 3 months of launch
  • Surpassed 1 million active vehicle listings within 9 months of launch
  • Awarded Boldest Company of 2011
  • Featured in Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!© Finance, Reuters, Business Journals, Florida Times Union and other press
  • Produced a Viral Video that received over 50k views
  • Aired a 30-second commercial before the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show
  • Built new, state-of-the-art, 18,000 sq. ft., sustainable headquarters
  • Deployed new dealer services website in 2012
  • Executive Vice President awarded Top 30 Under 30 in 2012
  • First automotive marketplace to offer direct financing, insurance, and certified warranties, as well as a guaranteed cash offer within 24 hours.
  • Licensed Auto Megasite in 2014 with 7K dealerships and 1.7M cars

About Us

Our Mission

Empower users in the ever-expanding information universe, as we move towards our vision of a transparent auto industry.

Our Company

BookItOut provides market analytics, inventory management, and used car values from a proprietary database containing over 15 million annual purchase transactions. BookItOut is a privately held software company serving the North American automotive industry since 2005. BookItOut received an award for Boldest Company of 2011, starburst its Auto Megasite in 2014, and leverages cloud computing as it redefines the auto industry. From market analytics to content management, we provide software services to help your business succeed.

Corporate Philanthropy

The National Merit BookItOut Scholarship began in the 2012 academic year, and awards each winner a generous 4-Year scholarship. The scholarship extends to young adults across America with a variety of career aspirations and college majors. BookItOut, Inc. is a proud National Merit Corporate Sponsor. We hope to recognize and inspire talented students by creating lasting relationships that extend beyond college and into their professional lives, and we appreciate the National Merit Scholarship Corporation helping us reach young scholars to achieve that goal.

BookItOut, Inc. provides technology solutions to the car industry, assisting both automotive professionals and consumers in their buying and selling needs. Innovation is a core principle at BookItOut and requires a forward-looking lens. By supporting higher education and outstanding achievement among today’s young scholars, BookItOut ensures America’s tomorrow, and the future of the world, rests in good hands.

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